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The state of California requires employers to maintain a specific and strict set of standards. At True Legacy HR, we guide employers on required documentation for hiring and firing employees, safety guidelines for employees and supervisors, and proper training for your work environment. Having human resources needs taken care of allows employers to focus on making their business run smoothly, instead of trying to keep up with the demanding and ever-changing California employment laws.

Outsourcing Human Resources provides an affordable option for a department every company needs. Human resource issues can often be confusing and tiresome. Many issues within human resources are time sensitive. For example, giving an employee the appropriate paperwork upon termination is imperative in order to avoid costly claims. Claims from EDD require appeals within a certain time frame. In order to keep claim costs down, allow us to examine claim documents, and help you file paperwork accordingly. Having the extra help to back up the company’s business plan and maintain compliance among human resources is essential.

Human Resources is not a one size fits all, let True Legacy HR build a package that caters to your specific HR needs. Whether your company needs to be informed on safety rules and regulations, or has questions about compliance within employment, we are here to assist and guide your HR needs.

  • California requires employers to provide specific documentation to all new hires, as well as specific documentation for when an employee is terminated.
  • Along with a checklist of the specific documents needed, we provide the physical documents and handouts required by law for both hiring and termination of employees.
  • We train employers on the proper written warning system to safeguard potential un-employment claims if an employee is to be terminated
  • We develop an employee handbook that entails the specifics of your organization’s values and policies
  • Handbooks not only include policies and procedures, laws regarding the workplace; but also provide a framework for the organization’s disciplinary process.
  • Handbooks are used to safeguard the employer, by making sure the employee is aware of the company’s policies
  • As issues happen in an everyday work environment, you have access to HR personnel in regards to addressing situations
  • We make check-in trips to ensure any issues that come about find a quick resolution
  • If we are not on-site when a situation takes place, we are a phone call away.
  • We have access to Payroll service providers who ensure quality service
  • We provide access to payroll questions
  • Other payroll services?
  • Keeping your organization compliant should be a top priority; the IIPP is your foundation safety program to help avoid penalty from OSHA
  • Your IIPP will recognize personnel whom are responsible for implementing required safety activities, and keeping it up to date
  • It will also establish a plan for keeping your organization safe, disciplining those who break safety rules, record keeping at training meetings, and communicating potential hazards in the workplace.