True Legacy Human Resources


We educate employers on safety regulations, health hazards, and required signs and posters. At True Legacy HR, we provide employee training catered to the specific safety and health hazards that surround your business. Training sessions rotate by time periods, and vary depending on safety concerns addressed. Allow us to assess your business and provide the proper training. True Legacy HR’s safety programs are tailored to each organization and their company’s necessities.

  • Get in compliance with California mandated posters regarding minimum wage, employment laws, emergency evacuation plans, etc.
  • We provide guidance on what your company needs to have posted
  • As laws, minimum wage, and requirements change, your posters will need to be updated. We take care of that for you.
  • Training varies depending on the work environment
  • Sessions often take place on a quarterly basis (unless other safety concerns arise)
  • Training sessions may include Fire prevention and evacuation training, Heat illness prevention, etc.