True Legacy Human Resources

Cultural Assessment & Cultural Development

At True Legacy HR, we firmly believe the success of a business relies on understanding the company’s culture. Providing a cultural assessment allows business owners to have a better understanding of the personality types that best suit the company. Obtaining this assessment creates the opportunity for an organization’s culture to be cohesive and consistent.

In a time of fleet technological advancements and extremely competitive markets, current and potential employees are looking for more than a stable paycheck. It is time to start evaluating what your company finds value in, the community of individuals your business attracts, and what employment at your company means for an employee. A cultural assessment is used to help define the goals and purpose of the company in order to align them with employees who are searching for a career that has a good reputation, has flexibility, and provides a work culture conducive to their personality. A cultural assessment is becoming more of a need than a want in today’s society. This assessment includes a job description for your company’s different positions, a 90-day guarantee for new hires, and discounts for recruitment.

  • One of our specialists comes to your organization for observation
  • In the observation, they identify the company’s values, what employees value, and what types of personality’s best fit that organization.
  • Observation may include verbal or written survey and interviews
  • The timeline on cultural assessments vary depending on size of company
  • Once our specialists complete the cultural assessment, they can then further develop the organization’s culture.
  • Development includes recruitment, terminations, and providing insight to employers about what drives the employee
  • We provide strategic planning on future cultural goals

Employees are the driving force in every organization. Without well-functioning employees, organizations are likely to fail. At True Legacy HR, we strive to find employees that will succeed in your specific organization. It isn’t just about finding an employee, but finding the right employee and the right cultural fit. We are pleased to offer recruitment services for all ranges of employees. any

While terminations are not a fun process of any work environment, they are often inevitable. We provide termination services for all organizations. California has specific standards and requirements for terminations. Whether its providing verbal and written warnings, issuing required documentation to employees before they are terminated, or providing security during a termination, True Legacy HR can assist in termination questions and services.