True Legacy Human Resources

HR Services

The state of California requires employers to maintain a specific and strict set of standards. At True Legacy HR, we guide employers on required documentation for hiring and firing employees, safety guidelines for employees and supervisors, and proper training for your work environment. Having human resources needs taken care of allows employers to focus on making their business run smoothly, instead of trying to keep up with the demanding and ever-changing California employment laws.


We educate employers on safety regulations, health hazards, and required signs and posters. At True Legacy HR, we provide employee training catered to the specific safety and health hazards that surround your business. Training sessions rotate by time periods, and vary depending on safety concerns addressed. Allow us to assess your business and provide the proper training. True Legacy HR’s safety programs are tailored to each organization and their company’s necessities.

Cultural Assessment & Development

At True Legacy HR, we firmly believe the success of a business relies on understanding the company’s culture. Providing a cultural assessment allows business owners to have a better understanding of the personality types that best suit the company. Obtaining this assessment creates the opportunity for an organization’s culture to be cohesive and consistent